Tori’s Bucket List: Catching Fireflies

Well, this one didn’t go as planned, but those are always the best memories anyway! (You can see her full list here: )

Tori’s Grandma Amy and Aunt Kelly spent the evening with us so we decided to do another bucket list item: catch fireflies so Tori could look at them in a jar (and then release them, of course).

I didn’t have the joy of experiencing fireflies until I was 19, so I wanted her to see them at the young age of 1. 😄

Brennan and Grandma Amy caught a whole bunch of them and Aunt Kelly held the jar. I was holding Tori on the porch so my picture taking was limited (could only use phone, and it was getting dark…).

But the fireflies wouldn’t light up in the jar! We waited for quite a while and even put grass in there for them. They just crawled around the jar…

We all laughed because it was so funny that the fireflies were being so stubborn 😉 But we had fun anyway and can try again soon.

Tori is worn out from such an exciting day! Let’s hope she sleeps well tonight!

One thought on “Tori’s Bucket List: Catching Fireflies

  1. I catch fireflies with my son quite a bit. The big ones that you catch flying in the air are males. The little brownish ones in the grass or closer to the ground are females. The actually light up to one another. The males will blink and the females will blink back. You can actually lure the males in with a little flash light, quickly turning it on then off after they blink. When my son catches them, we use this idea and quickly blink a small flash light below the jar. That tends to make them all light up.

    Happy birthday, Tori!

    -Mandy Witmer



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