Tori’s Bucket List: Pumpkin Patch

When we were considering what adventures to put on Tori’s Bucket List, one of the categories of thought was “Things every child should do” and this one shaped many of the items on the list.

Since Fall was quickly approaching, we realized that going to a pumpkin patch was a must!

Once we added it to the list, we had two people step up and offer to make this outing happen around the same time, so we gladly accepted both and had so much fun. Thanks to Brandi and her family, and the Saunders family, for bringing this bucket list item to fruition!

On Saturday, we visited a pumpkin patch in Lancaster, thanks to Brandi and family. Tori got to see a corn maze, watch Daddy jump really high, see animals, and get a pumpkin!

On Sunday, we visited a pumpkin patch in Newport, and Tori got to feel dried corn, pick a pumpkin, see goats and turkeys, and spend time with her friend Hannah!

Thanks to all who made these experiences possible! It was so much fun and Tori was so alert both days. ❤

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