Tori’s Bucket List: Attend a Tea Party

When Wendy Myers first asked me if Tori would like to attend a tea party, I imagined a small, simple gathering in a living room or backyard.

Never would I have imagined what actually happened!

Wendy and her friends created a beautiful night for Tori at the Hershey Country Club, complete with delicious food and creative handmade hats. They had photo booth props available to take fun photos and so many other creative touches.

Wendy also organized a silent auction with amazing donated entries and surprised us by announcing that we would receive all the proceeds from that to use however we’d like! Such a blessing in so many ways.

Brennan came along to the mother-daughter tea to assist with caring for Tori and he had just as much fun with all the ladies as we did. He’s such a great dad.

Our family didn’t plan to coordinate with our teal/aqua clothing, but it happened and we all laughed at our similar tastes. You’ll see our lovely attire in the photos below.

The best part of the evening – aside from a lovely evening with so many of our family members and new friends – was that Wendy brought her laptop and had it open to so that people could write to their legislators about enforcing Hannah’s Law!

You can write to your state’s legislators here, too!

Our local CBS station even included Tori’s tea party on their evening broadcast.

It was such an incredible, fun evening and we are so grateful to all those who made this possible. ❤

You can see all of Tori’s Bucket List adventures here.







One thought on “Tori’s Bucket List: Attend a Tea Party

  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. I pooped out before the news though. Will have to see if they post it. Prayers continue. God bless.

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